Out Of Our Own Backyard


OOOOBY in the Clare region is a Transition Action Group initiative. 

Let's call it OOOOBY-TAG!

What is OOOOBY?

OOOOBY creates an opportunity for local people by ...

  bringing together, and facilitating, opportunities for home food gardeners to share surplus produce

  providing an outlet for this locally produced food (fruit & vegies) at the Sevenhill Producer Markets, so that contributors can derive a bit of cash if they so wish

  developing the opportunity to bring this produce to outlets in the Clare Region 

  encouraging and supporting local home gardeners with the skills, information and sharing opportunities

OOOOBY-TAG has been operating since 2010 and is a true-blue local community initiative. TAG members frequently contribute produce, most of the earnings from which are put back into community initatives run by TAG.

OOOOBY is for you if you either like to grow food (on a farm, in your backyard, in a community garden or where-ever) or if you just like to eat locally grown food.

What if you want to start small? What if you would like to supplement your existing garden with a small plot near your back door? Here's the solution.

The Mighty Magical One Square Metre!

If you've ever thought about growing your own food but haven't been able to make a start, then have a look at the Raised Garden Kit 1-Tier by "Plastic Recyclers".

At 1 metre x 1 metre, this is an ideal solution for a small space, perhaps a porch area, or just to get cracking in growing your own vegies! Add a second tier to make it easier for planting and maintaining the plot. Use it for growing leaf vegies and herbs.

Here is a great way to start small ... and the kits also make great gifts for any budding gardeners! 

Good playpits too!

Made from recycled plastic, the kits are GUARANTEED for 15 years.


CLICK HERE for all the details.


CLICK HERE for information on the Raised Garden Kit ... 2-Tier model. This provides a deeper bed for root vegetables and tomatoes.


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