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THE EARLY YEARS ... "Transition Communities North Mt Lofty Ranges" began as a coming together of the fertile minds of members of U3A and Colin Endean in early 2010 in Clare, South Australia. 

From this initiative a number of concerned citizens came together in May 2010 with a common purpose of leading by example about sustainable living. 

Initially the name Transition Communities North Mt Lofty Ranges (TCNMLR) was chosen, as it represented three aspects - firstly, “Transition Communities” was adopted because of the emphasis on “community”, secondly because the group is connected with the Transition Towns network around the globe ... and thirdly, North Mt Lofty Ranges is the region in which we live and is the area of our common interest.

The shorter name, Transition Action Group, was chosen in September 2011.

Here are some of our earlier newsletters.

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Come ... Join us! 

If you would like to be part of our group, contact me on the Contact page.

And for another of our projects, read about OUT OF OUR OWN BACKYARD

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