Clare Residential Study

Prepared in 2006, the aim of the study, as described in the report by Urban and Regional Planning Solutions, is as follows :

This report identifies preferred directions for residential and retail development in Clare. The directions have been prepared by matching data such as anticipated population growth and retail demand with potential land development opportunities.

The directions also seek to balance these future development opportunities against other strategic objectives such as the retention of agricultural land, protection of environmental values and the realisation of a desired character of built form.

This study also identifies a number of changes to planning policy which will be required to 

achieve the recommended directions.

This report will be used as the basis for further discussion and consultation with:

  • Planning Study Steering Committee;
  • Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council staff and Elected Members;
  • Landholders; and
  • Community members

This report is now dated (2006), but it still has significant relevance because of what has not been achieved. If you would like to read it, go to the Contact form and make a request and I will forward it on to you.

I am involved in residential development design, therefore I am concerned about the future 

directions confronting rural communities. Accordingly I responded to the "Draft" study in June 


My response was that the study did not evoke a local “feel” but instead tended to look outside 

Clare for answers. 

In addition, we are living in an age of increasing uncertainty, and what the future holds for Clare in state and national terms should have been articulated in greater depth in the study.

The following issues were not included in the report.

  • Climate change impacts and the effects these will have on the urban environment
  • Potential diminution of supply of water from a Murray River system in terminal decline – this will impact on the availability of reticulated water for Clare
  • Energy availability – greater disruptions are predicted to occur in the future in both electricity and liquid fuels.
  • Transport routes – is planning for removal of heavy vehicles from Clare’s Main North Road a priority for the future?

Click here for my submission

Did I get a response? No.

UPDATE October 2011

It is not known whether the Clare Residential & Centre Planning Study has been useful in the 

years since it was prepared.

In terms of planning for the future, the issues that I suggested to be investigated, have not 


In particular, the risks posed by climate change and Murray River water supply are potentially 

very significant and efforts must be made to understand the impacts and to plan for them. 

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