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Regional Development Australia (MN&Y) sometimes provides information on what’s happening in home business development in its newsletter, and full credit to the local organisation. There’s much more that could and should be done.

Here’s an idea that takes a step into another area.

  • Create an online home business development hub that provides face-to-face learning about creating a work-at-home business. For illustration purposes have a look at my site New Times Home Biz. I’ve had to learn everything the hard way - no face-to-face learning, no face-to-face mentor, no mastermind group to bounce ideas off or seek answers to questions, no-one to teach me about setting up a website or blog, and to monetize it, and so on. It is far better to do these things in a class-room context. (By the way, I established my NTHB website to help prospective online entrepreneurs use their skills and knowledge for profit). Learning can be by way of webinars; it doesn’t need to have a person present.

  • As described above in the “Pollinators” hub, there is an opportunity to become the regional HQ for online rural home business interactive learning (this is the niche). Find people experienced in online business, search wide, and recruit them to the cause. There is no reason at all why this wouldn’t work in Blyth.

  • Create a micro business technology centre that opens doors to the passing traveller, to the researcher, to anyone. For the skeptic who does not believe it can be done, consider the information and knowledge that lies in the heads of people in rural communities. Create digital information products and sell them on Amazon Kindle and any other online marketplace. The digital info-product market is huge and growing. It is global. Explore the potential. 

  • Publish these products in hard copy and on disk for sale in the resources centre, and sell them by advertising online and offline. Create courses with them.

  • Potential income - interactive course-work, sale of digital info-products.

The Next Idea … Centre for Rural Heritage

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