On-site Accommodation

  • Given the diversity of the proposed hub, establish a small visitor accommodation facility to capture passing travellers, vacational cyclists, short-term researchers, and course attendees. 

  • Convert the building next to the nursery with bunk accommodation, ablution and kitchen facilities.

  • Provide spaces for about 6 caravans/trailers.

  • Provide space for a few tents.

  • Visitors could use any of the facilities and resources at the Centre.

  • Income potential - site fees

So, there we have it. 7 ideas for a small town to use an idle asset.

But it doesn’t end there. 

There are plenty of ideas around our region and our state. Some are so obvious that many people can not see them.

I’ll write more about these at another time.

For now, have a look at …

6 Pillars for Regional Revival

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