Native Vegetation Nursery, Seed Bank, and Carbon Farming

  • Re-establish the Blyth nursery. It would be a terrible shame to let the nursery wither after all the years of activity. Make it better, extend it, commercialise it to at least pay its way.

  • Establish a native vegetation resources area. Use video displays to illustrate all the issues and solutions about native vegetation and biodiversity in the region. Educate.

  • Establish a seed orchard on “the property”, including a network of native seed orchards that target smaller farms in the region (another source of small farm income). Native seed can be used for larger-scale revegetation projects dedicated to environmental services and carbon farming. 

  • In co-operation with local governments, establish native vegetation corridors dedicated to carbon farming. Councils are sitting on one of the least utilised land banks available today - vacant road reserves. Assess the extent of the land bank, carry out direct seeding of dedicated areas, participate in the federal government’s Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative). This is a prospective source of long-term income.

  • Establish a Carbon Farming Centre at “the property” that integrates aerial photo mapping, site assessment, education, plantation measurement and auditing skills, large-scale planting methods, environmental systems analysis, and more. Use video displays supported by skilled teaching.

  • Extend the carbon farming project to the farming sector in a joint venture project. As with Council vacant road reserves, and other under-utilised government reserves (e.g. defunct, historic water reserves), the idea is that the landowner provides the land and all other work would be provided by Blyth “Pollinators” hub. This is potentially one of the best adaptive approaches that farmers can take for sustainable long-term income in the face of approaching climatic changes. Also a good source of income for the hub.

  • Make these projects a part of adaptation measures identified in the Adaptation Framework.

  • Potential income - carbon credits, direct seeding work, native plant sales

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