“Blyth Business Pollinators” Hub

Perhaps Blyth is considered to be too small and too out of the way to get the eye of local or regional “business promoters”. This would be an incorrect premise. Consider the following.

  • The idea of a businees pollinators’ hub is based on Geraldton’s (WA) “City Hive” project that I visited on a  trip through WA in 2012. Further details and that of the partner project “Pollinators” is at the Wild Pollinators website. Obviously a project like this would need to develop it’s own vision, and it’s suggested that it be based on rural enterprises, small towns, micro businesses, and online connections.

  • “The property” has potential to provide office space to micro businesses (i.e. sole operators), particularly those who rely on the Internet (see Home Business Online below). Adapt the “City Hive” model. Be bold, seek to recruit people with micro businesses wanting to relocate from the city or elsewhere.

  • Consider “the property” as the beehive, and the worker bees as those people scattered across the region who want a home-based business either as full-time income or supplementary farm income. In other words, create a network of like-minded people who connect with each other (e.g. online social networks) and use “the property” from time-to-time as a hub.

  • Become a wayside stop for the passing long-term traveller seeking a short stay to catch up on business activities online. This idea came to me during our extended trip through WA last year. There are thousands of long-term travellers out there, so perhaps a short “rest” stay that has a lot of enticing and interesting add-ons (e.g. business hub, ‘net availability, home business hub, research and display facilities) could be popular.

  • Potential income - nominal rent of office space, short-term traveller stays (see On-site accommodation below).

The Next Idea … Online Home Business Training Centre

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