A Rural Education and Social Research Centre

This idea is about the following;

  • Bring together all available reports and investigations on natural resources, biodiversity, land condition, environment, climate, and display these in a library/resources context. My site here - Sustainable Space - is an example of gathering together a number of publications that are easily accessible, and I hope that readers can take the time to go through the documents presented.

  • Establish a resources centre and include historical publications about the wheat frontier, social research (e.g. the impacts of drought on families), facilities for discussion groups to use, and online facilities. Remember that in the 1860’s South Australia was a world leader in opening up land on a grand scale for wheat farming. This is a story that needs to be told.

  • Set up a room at “the property” for access to everyone (e.g. school students, university students and researchers, citizens, farmers) interested in rural sustainability.

  • Connect with tertiary centres around the country, for example ANU’s Fenner School of Environment & Society; ANU’s Climate Change Institute; Charles Sturt University’s Institute for Land, Water, and SocietyRegional Australia Institute. There are others.

(Note - to my knowledge there are very few, if any, centres that are located in a true rural setting; they are attached to universities).

  • Conduct public forums on future environmental and rural sustainability challenges - have guest speakers on a regular basis. Empower anyone (including students) to deliver a speech on vital issues.

  • Establish a centre for the study of satellite imagery of land-use activities and biodiversity at regional and sub-regional scales to support decision-making of landscape-scale change.

  • Potential funding - seek contributions from agronomic businesses and agricultural machinery businesses (note that Landmark was a sponsor to the FFI CRC outlined later). Is a $20 annual contribution from farmers too much to ask? Every business has a stake in the future sustainability of the rural sector.

The Next Idea … “Future farm” Research, Education, and Implementation Centre

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