Beginning or end for Martindale Hall

Article by Des Menz posted in Heritage Matters

October 2015
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An “unsolicited proposal” has been submitted to the state government about a “5 star resort and wellness centre” at Martindale Hall. As part of a conservation park, and listed on the South Australian Heritage Register and the Register of the National Estate, Martindale Hall and the Coach House and the surrounding land is proposed for big changes.

It could be a new beginning in a very different way, or it could be the end of an era for this fascinating property.

Submissions have been invited from the public on the proposal.

Click this link —>MARTINDALE HALL SUBMISSION for my views on this important heritage issue.

In my submission I referred to a report that was released by the long defunct Martindale Hall Conservation Trust. The Trust was dissolved in 2003 by proclamation of the Governor.

This is worth a read, it has some very good ideas that are still relevant today.


Reading that Master Plan and seeing what the conservation park looks like today, not much has been implemented, except for some necessary building maintenance.

In terms of their importance to the economy, heritage properties in South Australia have been pushed far into the background. The “Heritage Fund” was de-funded in July 2014 as part of budgetary measures by Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources (DEWNR).

No money, old buildings, not part of the “new economy". What happens next? 

Could this be the reason for the dilemma surrounding the property today?

Lack of imagination. Declining will from the state government about heritage properties. Lack of funding. Lack of engagement with the community about alternative solutions.

Go to Exploring a Future for Martindale Hall at “yoursay” and you’ll find 139 submissions about Martindale Hall.

Make your own voice heard.

You’re welcome to make a comment here.

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