Ad hoc priorities on waste


In a recent article about the on-going lack of action on a local waste problem, reference was made to an earlier article that provided solutions.

"Neighbourhood" resources recovery and waste management education deserve much higher emphasis than they receive. But this approach is about having a PLAN and IMPLEMENTING it, and this is a local authority matter.

Recently, Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council received a $10,000 Keep Australia Beautiful Beverage Container Recycling Grant. Some robust blue bin surrounds were purchased - a sample of two is in the image below. 


One bin is for general waste, the other is for containers with a 10c deposit. 

There's no dispute about the value of these bins and the role they play in removing litter and waste from shopping areas.

What is of concern is that why does it take a grant to purchase attractive receptacles to be placed in locations that should have been properly serviced anyway? 

Too often, local authorities have taken the cheap way out by using unattractive wheelie bins in shopping areas and public places.

Wheelie bins are functional and easy to move, but they have disadvantages.

Look around and you'll see them in the main streets of many a town.

Every community can do better on waste. It can do much better on resources recovery.

Even street bin rubbish can be sorted to extract the maximum quantity of recyclable material, instead of it being dumped into holes in the ground.

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