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Posted by Des Menz on 22 June 2011

Some discussion and information has been provided at the 
POLLUTION page about E-Waste, Waste Oil, and Plastics. Everything stated there relates to our own area.

Let's have a look at RECYCLING in the Mid North region. Have a look at the brochures below that are given to residents by Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council and Wakefield Regional Council respectively (current in 2010).


Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council 

Regional Council of Goyder 

Wakefield Regional Council

These brochures convey a similar message. Which one do you think is more explanatory? 

The recycling service in your Council area includes a range of plastics ... but NOT ALL PLASTICS ARE ALLOWED!

Do you know what type of plastics and what quantity you put in the bin each year?

In the following image, can you recognise the type of plastics that these items have been made from?


This is just a very small sample of plastic bags that are regularly brought into the household. Some contained food, others are used for wrappings and postal items.

Every one of them is excluded from the recycling bin. These are generally classified as "not recyclable".

If they are placed in the garbage bin, guess where they go? To LANDFILL!

BUT, ALL PLASTICS ARE RECYCLABLE. After all, they are made from hydrocarbon (fossil) energy.

How do you tell the type of plastic? See the Plastics Identification Code.

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