Waters and Rivers

Without adequate water and healthy rivers and oceans, there will be no scope to meet government strategies, let alone obtain secure water sources for agriculture. The Murray River system is in great peril, longer term rainfall is declining, many watercourses are highly degraded, groundwater systems have been over-extracted, oceans are being polluted. And yet, "development" proceeds apace. Have we reached the limits? Let's discover what's going on. First ... a bit of history.

The Significance of the Murray River


Significance of Murray River to SA     Significance of Murray Darling Basin     Murray River threats to continue
Lower lakes threats will not abate     
MD Basin Plan      
Unfavourable climate trends       
River salinity risk to continue      
Rainfall and runoff    
Irrigation system is not sustainable      How realistic is "Waterproofing"?    
Water recycling        
Degraded river systems - who cares?      Water for mining    
Desalination issues      
Regulation of the water industry     Oceanic problems

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