Sustainable Rural Development

Part 8

A new path for rural South Australia

Here's what is needed in South Australia - a bold new direction, a new vision, a new LANDSCAPE language, and committed action about the future of the rural sector. 

The opportunity is there for the broader community to grasp. A new policy, a new framework, a new way.

But is there the will? Is there the belief that landscape-scale change is so necessary and so vital?

Will there be political support for change on such a huge scale?

The story of South Australia is not just about Adelaide. A landscape repair/revegetation/carbon sequestration project in the agricultural lands would neutralise not only the perception, but also the fact, of an “Adelaide-centric” focus.

Why have I written this series about rural South Australia?

  • Because I am deeply concerned about the condition of the land-based environment and biodiversity. 
  • I am very concerned about the sustainability and future survival of regional towns and communities. 
  • I am very worried about the decline in attention to our rural areas. 
  • I am troubled about the ignorance and lack of concern from rural communities about agricultural landscapes, climate change impacts, and the future.
  • I want my children and grandchildren to have a better chance of confronting their own climate change actions, that we can provide a foundation for right now.

If you do not believe that climate change will have severe consequences on rural South Australia in the future, possibly by 2030, then I refer you to these reports.

  • State of Environment South Australia 2013. Click here for the Summary --> 

         SOE 2013 Summary

At the global scale, this next report could affect you the most. Released in December 2013 by James Hansen and 17 other scientists, it should be compulsory reading for every politician in the land. It might just wake them up to the fact that it's just not all about the economy!

Humanity is at a threshold!

Assessing Dangerous Climate Change: Required Reduction of Carbon Emissionsto Protect Young People, Future Generations, and Nature

Change can happen with a resetting of the compass and a re-focusing on the resources that really matter for the future sustainability of South Australia’s regions. 

My appeal is to grasp a new vision for the regions and put it into action as soon as possible. 

This vision involves policies and actions for a new agri-economy involving landscape repair, large scale revegetation and carbon sequestration, and support for rural communities in the agricultural lands of the state.

One last thought to leave you with … Repairing and Preparing Australia's Landscapes for Global Change. Now there's a way forward.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on this 8-part series? 

What else would you propose for sustainable rural systems?

Have your say below, and share this series. 

Coming up soon … HOW can change be introduced into the agricultural areas of South Australia?

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