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Perhaps the most pivotal document to have been released in decades is the state government's Prospering in a Changing Climate - A Draft Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia (December 2010). I urge all South Australians to read this document; it is still available online.

An Update is also available in Download Documents.

I presented a submission in March 2011. It follows a theme that no-one seems to be prepared to take large-scale action on.

Landscape Change & Large-scale Revegetation


The government is commended for the initiative in preparing the Draft Climate Change Adaptation Framework document and my sincere hope is that the implementation of it will be properly and adequately resourced.

As is evident from my commentary below, I have not focused on the quite alarming possible outcomes that have been described in the Framework document. Rather, my focus is for a different approach in landscape change in conjunction with adaptation strategies. I have illustrated why we should pursue a framework that involves restoring the beneficial feedbacks between native vegetation cover and local-regional climate. This approach will help to ameliorate the impacts of a changing climate and global warming, and create a new rural economy based on a 'green revolution'. If substantiation of this approach is needed, then I urge the authors of the Adaptation Framework document to examine the research work that has already been undertaken in Australia.

Implementation of the Adaptation Framework will run into detractors of the process and those who believe that no change is/should be necessary. Such people should be reminded that climate change has been on the agenda of many organisations for decades, and a good start would be to reference the Proceedings of a symposium “Climate Change And Its Implications For South Australia, 11 November 1993”. One could say that the Adaptation Framework has been a long time in the making.

Nevertheless, the weakness in many environmental documents that evoke change is that there is a lack of a historical context and connection. I have articulated several explanations about the human condition, and I suggest that a similar rationale be adopted during the Integrated Vulnerability Assessment and Framework implementation process to underpin why adaptation is needed.

So … what is it all about?

Draft Climate Change Adaptation Framework Introduction

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