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The Great Disruption ... How The Climate Crisis Will Transform The Global Economy

by Paul Gilding

The Australian Paul Gilding says worrying about climate change has to stop, and instead we need to brace for impact, because the global crisis is no longer avoidable. Global disruption began in 2008, with rapidly increasing food and oil prices and escalating ecological change. The great concerns are now not simply about fossil energy and carbon footprints. He says we have come to the end of economic growth nurtured by a world economy based on consumption and waste. We have lived beyond the sustainable means of Earth's ecosystems and resources to support a burgeoning population. "The Earth is full", is how he begins the book.

The Great Disruption offers an uncompromising look at the challenge humanity faces, but amidst all the problems and concerns there is hope. Although the coming decades will see loss, suffering and conflict, these times will also bring out the best humanity can offer: compassion, innovation, resilience and adaptability. 

'The One Degree War' as Gilding calls it, is about how to arrest the potentially enormous problems relating to global warming. There is a crisis today, a crisis of imagination and thinking, a crisis of detachment from the natural world, a crisis of unhappiness. All this has been brought about by excess consumption, of never being able to be satisfied, of the endless pursuit of growth ... and of over-population. But now, we have a rare opportunity to move away from growth but still have prosperity.  New business opportunities abound, old industries will be replaced as the new economy takes shape. There will be a new way of doing business. There will be new jobs, different types of work, and very different appoaches to urban living.

'Growth' will be measured very differently from that of the past. The Great Disruption is an inviting story, and a challenging one. It is about where we should all be focusing our lives.  Required reading if you're seeking to balance a host of answers to critical questions of sustainability.

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