Urban alternative to the supermarket

Is "CITY FARMERS" just another retail supermarket chain?

Well, it's a refreshing take on the two elephant tussle between Coles and Woolworths that we constantly see.

City Farmers is a bit of a play on words - City and Farmer - but as their people say, they're "… all about helping … customers make the most of their backyards - whether that means gardening, pool time or mucking around with their pets …"

Making the most of backyards. That's what every backyard in Australia should be doing. Getting the most out of their space, growing food, making their lives healthier and more sustainable, reducing food "miles", cutting waste, saving money.

More about City Farmers is in this Courier Mail article.

But if you really want to make a big difference, just follow what OOOOBY is all about.


This is where your sustainable space starts.

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