CSG hydra head grows

Here's proof of the coal seam gas hydra.

Queensland's Courier Mail newspaper exposed a long list of public servants of influence who have taken up positions with the coal seam gas industry (1 April 2013).

It is reported that a number of these people were involved in the key assessment for CSG and LNG (liquefied natural gas) projects in Queensland. They've now jumped the fence to the other side, complete with their insider contacts and systems' methodologies.

The connections between the bureaucracy, government, and energy companies runs very deep. Read the Courier Mail article here and you'll then understand what a "hydra" really is.

Lock The Gate Alliance activist Drew Hutton says …

"There seems to be an open door between the industry and the Government …"

"There is obviously a close relationship between the Government and the CSG industry and there is a conflict of interest inherent in that."

What is happening in Queensland and NSW is farcical. The contempt for environmental values is matched by an equal contempt for the victims of the CSG industry.

The power of money. CSG. Corrupt, Sinister, Greedy. 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Lock The Gate Alliance?

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