Coal seam gas and its hydra head

It became a pivotal moment. Anyone who watched ABC television's Four Corners on Monday 1 April, 2013 could have been forgiven for thinking that a cruel April Fool's Day joke was being played on them.

But not so, because once again the innocent and naive public were being told some truths about COAL SEAM GAS.

The setting … again … is Queensland, and its southern neighbour New South Wales.

CSG ... Corrupt, Sinister, Greed

The three characteristics that result in the abrogation of responsibility, the flippant dismissal of process, the power of the corporation over governments, the single-minded pursuit of money at the expense of everything else, the rough-shod and disdainful treatment of victim landowners. And the list goes on. 

These three characteristics also lead to the downfall of governments (as we have seen in Queensland and NSW), and … the rising up of the common people!

It was all on display in GAS LEAK!

There were three very insidious, and odious, aspects that came out of that program.

  • How easy it is for the corporation and governments to remove people from their land so that coal seam gas can be extracted without obstacle.
  • How easy it is for the corporation - all those energy companies - to obtain approval for their activities with not even the bare minimum of environmental assessment.
  • The incredible harm that is being wreaked on the environment - e.g. methane bubbling up in rivers, radon detected at gas well heads, depletion of the groundwater system at a horrifying rate - all with utter denial from industry, and presumably from state governments of Queensland and NSW.

If ever we need a reason to get up out of our armchairs and take action, then this CSG issue is it!

And thank goodness there are people, public servants like Simone Marsh, who are willing to speak out about the deeply flawed application and assessment process that seems to be typical of the CSG industry and its strange bedfellow, government bureaucracies.

Footnote : definition of "hydra" (see this post title) - "any persistent evil arising from many sources or difficult to overcome" (Hamlyn's Encyclopedic World Dictionary).

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