Renewable Energy backflip

The release of the May federal budget has reveled the true colours of pre-election "promises". They are all black. 

A gullible and cynical elecorate fell for the "new dawn" that a coalition government would bring; but the new dawn was in fact a deceitful plot to get into power and white-ant long-established programs that were yielding real benefits for the future of Australia.

Renewable energy stop

Take renewable energy. 

Listed below are some of the broken promises in renewable energy, most of which the genral public would not know about ...

  • a further one million solar roof systems axed
  • the Solar Towns project gutted to just over 2% of the promised allocation of funding
  • proposed scrapping of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
  • proposed abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • axing of the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund
  • axing of other programs such as the National Low Emission Coal Initiative, Energy Efficiency Programs, National Solar Schools Program, Energy Efficiency Information Grants, and Low Carbon Communities

I know about these programs. I studied the Emissions Reduction Fund and the Direct Action Plan and made a submission accordingly. 

Emissions Reduction Fund submission

I know what was being promised in the Direct Action Plan, and for all its flaws and shortcomings the DAP at least had some worthy programs. It wasn't going to meet what Australia needs to do in the global context, but to gut it even further is a huge backward step, a vote of no-confidence in what renewable energy can do to transition to a clean energy economy.

The federal government has shown its true colours!

Read the following article in The Conversation by Alan Pears to get a better understanding of the dismantling of the renewable energy industry … and the broken promises.

Billions axed in clean energy; renewable target is next

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