Nuclear Waste Dump or Bust?

by Des Menz posted in Nuclear Energy and Waste

9 May 2016

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has now released its report, which is available for download at the state government’s YourSay website.

Having prepared a submission which inexplicably, and inexcusably, was not made public by the Royal Commission, I now release it here for everyone to read. Click on the link in the sidebar —>

I will now continue my investigations and activities in this critical area of Australia’s future. After all, it is NOT just about South Australia.

Premier Weatherill wants South Australians to "keep an open mind” and participate in the next steps and "important ethical and moral considerations”. Curiously, he says of the social consent, “We’d need to develop this discussion over the next 10 to 15 years” (reported in InDaily) to allow the nuclear waste dump to proceed. 10 to 15 years!

Do not believe the 10 or 15 years time frame! This is politick speak. After all, the Royal Commission came out of the blue without any consideration of the national interest and without involvement of the general Australian population.

If a social licence is a central plank in any decision on a nuclear waste dump, then surely ALL Australians must be involved.

To read what other people and groups have said about the Tentative Findings, head on over to here —> Tentative Findings Responses

I have read a few of these submissions at random, and they contain a broad range of issues that the Royal Commission has not investigated. But there’s one, to me, that stands out, and without being accused of bias, it is really worth reading. It’s from Mothers for a Sustainable South Australia.

What do you think?

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