James Price Point update

In the intervening period since the last post, much has happened about the James Price Point gas hub. 

In August 2013, the Western Australia Supreme Court found the environmental approvals to build the $40 billion gas hub for Woodside Petroleum were unlawful. Clear-thinking people knew this more than two years ago, and I described this back in April.

The Court's decision vindicates what the opponents have been saying all along - that the WA EPA's involvement, in concert with the WA government, were not acting lawfully. The conflicts of interest of EPA's board members has resulted in a stain on its reputation for impartial decision-making. 

Have a read of this article in The Australian. Premier Barnett says he hasn't given up. 

What was Premier Barnett thinking? And what were the EPA board members thinking when they were assessing this massive development? 

The writing was on the wall long ago, but some people couldn't see it. The WA taxpayer has forked out $15m according to the Opposition leader. But there's more - the compulsory acquisition of land at James Price Point and the attendant compensation of $30m to the Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr people.

Now to this article at ABC News.  Woodside and its partners say they spent $2 billion on studies of the James Price Point concept, and found it to be not commercially viable. It was estimated to cost $80 billion over the likely 40 year life. 

Then there's the environmental destruction through land clearing that has already occurred at James Price Point. Will there be restitution?

One day a book will be written about this whole messy saga - how not to make, and how to make, very important decisions; how not to be seen as arrogant and all-powerful; what makes a really sustainable development; how massive projects first need a "social license" before anything else; and why fossil minerals still dominate the thinking and activities of governments and corporations.

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