Desert, desolate, and desultory

James Price Point

The desultory tones of Premier Colin Barnett have returned to the desolate of the Pilbara.

In James Price Point update a year ago, I wrote about how not to make vitally important decisions about massive projects. Mr Barnett has been caught up in a personal crusade about getting something, anything, built at James Price Point.

I have seen this seemingly inocuous piece of land on the Pilbara coast. The stories around it have caused severe social disruption amongst local Aboriginal peoples.

It is now reported that the WA EPA is reassessing James Price Point gas hub

It will be interesting to see what the three “independent assessors” conclude from their investigations.

The Painted Desert of South Australia

In a state that boasts the highest proportion of wind energy production in Australia, the South Australian government is apparently pressing ahead with allowing exploration for coal in the highly sensitive region around the Painted Desert.

If it wasn’t for organisations like The Wilderness Society we would scarcely know what governments around the land are getting up to.

Opening up the Painted Desert to coal mining is as dumb a decision as anyone or any government could get … and yet, the ground work is being laid before our very eyes for this to happen.

The big question is … WHY?

The political colour doesn’t matter. Governments in Australia are complicit in worsening the outcomes for people and the environment, by ignoring what the IPCC is stating so clearly.

The world has to decarbonise if there is any chance at all of limiting dangerous climate change resulting from the use of fossil minerals.

The South Australian government needs to be accountable for its decisions in this respect. So, what really is it up to?

Watch this space.

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