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by Des Menz posted in Climate Change

29 October 2015

The South Australian government recently finalised a series of community workshops on “Developing a New Climate Change Strategy for South Australia”.

Five consultation papers, an Overview paper, and a Low Carbon Investment Plan were included. The five consultation papers were ;

           Adapt     Lead     Reduce     Innovate     Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The common thread through all these papers was “how to make climate change an economic benefit”. This is my view of course, but it is unmistakeable.

Climate Change is the greatest threat to South Australia in the coming decades; it will affect the children born today, and it will most likely show its dire outcomes in the lifetime of those born 50 years ago. 

So it was with deep concern that the Climate Change Strategy documents avoided THE MOST NECESSARY ACTION that should be taken. 

Reforestation and Revegetation

Since beginning Sustainable Space in 2009, I have been writing extensively about the necessity for LANDSCAPE SCALE CHANGE. 

There are 15 articles at Landscape and Biodiversity and more at  Climate Change Adaptation and my submission in March 2011 to the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

I wrote to the Premier and Opposition Leader and to the SA Greens early last year, met with Geoff Brock (my local MP), wrote again to the Premier this year. 

Some recent letters and their replies are shown at Letters to Leaders.

In every case, there is this incredible avoidance of confronting a very big issue. Who is listening?

I have been consistently saying that we need to get more trees and native vegetation back into the cleared landscape.

That was the theme of my submission, but this time I have gone further.

There is a compelling case to restructure the agricultural economy; I call it the “new agri-economy”.

Climate change, even at the regional scale that agriculture is in South Australia, will not forgive slow starters. 

Declining rainfall, higher temperatures - these are what will place great stress on agriculture, with fall in income, and reduced production controlling the destiny of people on the land.

I have just said what Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, State of Environment reports, the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, have been saying for years.

Here is my  submission on the new Climate Change Strategy

And for detailed information, start at Landscape and Biodiversity.

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