Carbon Tax lie

Canberra. Tuesday 25 February 2014. 

Federal Parliamentary Question Time.

A succession of federal government ministers, 

including the Prime Minister, rise to their feet to 

shout about the repeal of the "carbon tax". 

A benign Opossition sits by and watches.

None of the politicians in the parliamentary 

chamber have been able to articulate 

the truth that ….


Most of the Australian community have been fooled by the mantra over the past four 

years about "great big new tax" and "get rid of the carbon tax". Say it often enough 

and it then becomes the new truth!

Some businesses know better, but their views remain out of sight and are seldom 

seen in the general media today. This is disappointing.

Carbon pricing: what businesses actually said is a timely reminder of how far 

businesses have retreated on their views from 7 years ago. Why? Only they, and the 

government know the answer.

It's very interesting that the former CEO of BHP-Billiton (a coal and iron ore miner) 

advocated a carbon tax / emissions trading scheme arrangement in 2010. And what 

about Westpac in its 2011 submission to the Clean Energy Future? How the worm 

has turned!

The "carbon tax" is a falsity perpetrated on a public that doesn’t understand the 

rationale behind pricing CO2 emissions. And how could they be blamed? All the 

general public gets are clipped messages with a dose of controversy, in select 

media. And when big business does a full U-turn on carbon pricing and 

climate change policy, then "the great big new tax" mantra infiltrates the social 

consciousness like a virus.


What of the performance of the now Opposition (the previous federal government)? 

Incapable and inept at explaining WHY pricing greenhouse gas emissions was (is) 

so important, it has become a benign, ineffective player. It makes one wonder if ever 

they were committed to climate change policies and economic structural reform that 

would have resulted.


Here is some truth about carbon pricing.

To repeat … Australia does NOT have a carbon tax. It has a "CARBON PRICING 

MECHANISM" … for now.


Here are five reasons.

  • The Clean Energy Act 2011 makes no reference whatsoever to “carbon tax”

  • The Simplified Outline in the Act describes “a mechanism to deal with climate change by encouraging the use of clean energy.”

  • In “Definitions” in the Act, there is no definition of “carbon tax”. It's not in the legislation.

  • The Clean Energy Act 2011 also describes succinctly about “eligible Australian carbon credit units” (ACCU's), not "carbon taxes".

  • The Clean Energy Regulator’s website describes clearly the Carbon pricing mechanism, and nowhere is there a reference to “carbon tax”.

Therefore, it is a carbon pricing MECHANISM utilising a cap and trade scheme that is in place, not a tax. 

It is a where “carbon credit units” are issued, and the highest emitters exceeding 25,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent are required to offset their greenhouse gas emissions by a range of means, one of which is the purchase of carbon units. 

The Clean Energy Regulator issues the carbon units; a tax is not paid. It is a “charge unit” that is paid by the businesses subject to the charge.

By calling a "charge unit" a "carbon tax" is how the federal government when in Oppossition gained so much traction from 2010 onwards when the term "carbon tax" was revealed in their "Direct Action Plan". 

But is was not correct.

You see, they knew that the ordinary punter hates taxes, and so they used the term "carbon tax" in a constant mantra that was encapsulated in just a few words. 

It is said that if a falsity or a lie is repeated often enough it then takes on a semblance of truth - if not becoming the "truth"! 

It begs the question - what is the "truth"?


Now, in the repeal of the Clean Energy Act 2011, the repeal bill is named “Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013”.

Schedule 1 and 2 of the aforementioned repeal Bill reference “carbon tax”.

It is contended that this reference to “carbon tax” is not correct and it is disingenuous.

Furthermore, it is staggering that the repeal bill refers to “carbon tax”, when indeed a “carbon tax” was never legislated. Indeed it could be argued that the bill, by its reference to “carbon tax” is a bill to repeal nothing.

It is confounding that the federal government, the present Opposition, the media in general, and the community believe that there is a carbon tax in place.

It is wrong, and it is contended that the repeal bill is factually in error when it refers to a “carbon tax”.

Tell me if I'm wrong. Tell me if my reading of the legislation is wrong.

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