"Sustainable Farming Practices" inquiry

A South Australian parliamentary committee of inquiry has been established into "Sustainable Farming Practices".

An Issues Paper and further details are at … www.parliament.sa.gov.au
Go to "Committees" then "Select Committees" for these details.

We Should All Get Involved In This

I think this is a very important investigation because the terms of reference have been broadened to include regional development, farming practices, natural resources, and food supply.

In the past several years I've been trying to piece together what's really happening in terms of sustainability in the state. It's all here at this website. I've examined many national and state reports on natural resources use, biodiversity, and climate. The picture I've framed thus far is not a pretty one. 

Troubling Signs

Without being alarmist, the agricultural sector in SA is in trouble. There are many environmental stressors coming into play that are chipping away at  agri-economic foundations that were laid 150 years ago. 

This conclusion has been clearly enunciated in most of the reports I've read, and yet, what really is being done?

One of my early conclusions is that few people seem to be connecting the outcomes from all the reports that are available in the public domain on natural resources, the environment, and society. 

For example, there's a profound disconnect between the poor condition of biodiversity in the state and the use of land for agriculture/horticulture. System collapse is imminent if the present policy approach continues.

Who in the general community understands this? Does rural local government really have a grip on the compelling environmental and ecological issues of the present, and what their impacts will be in the future?

I hope I'm wrong, but it seems that there's a strong denial factor at play from those in the farming sector right through to government, government departments, opposition politicians, and local government.

There are very few opportunities that arise at the parliamentary level that have such wide-ranging implications for the future of the state. Whether anything comes from the inquiry is another thing, but it should not deter any of us from voicing our concerns.

For further understanding of critical issues, have a look at KEY ISSUES.

I know it takes a lot of time and effort to examine the issues and compile a submission, but as many people as possible should get involved in this highly important inquiry. Every one of us has a stake in our environment. We all have a stake in how natural resources are used. 

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