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SustainableSpace.info is a project conceived by Des Menz and has been researched, written, and compiled voluntarily to offer an alternative understanding of the big environmental issues confronting South Australia (my home state). Issues around Australia are also included. 

Without an understanding of history and why people do the things the way they do, there can not be answers to ...

  • the deeply troubling issues confronting natural resources management
  • the way that humans use those natural resources, and 
  • the widening gap between the identified need for action and the diminishing responses to it.

The communities we live in, the environments that nurture us, the freedoms that we have, are all influenced by individuals and collectives of people. I refer to "people collectives" as governments (federal, state, local), institutions, statutory organisations, volunteer groups, community organisations, and industry groups. 

The very big issues today are without doubt, whether the resources extracted from (and pollutants emitted to) the total environment are able to allow humanity to be sustained into the future. This applies wherever humans choose to live.

The growth of knowledge and information of human and natural systems in the 21st century is causing community fractures, persistent arguments, and regional parochial postions. Just think "Climate Change", "Carbon Tax", "Emissions Trading Scheme", "Water", "Water for Mining", "Water for Irrigation", the "Murray-Darling Basin", "Mining Resources Tax", "Coal-seam Gas", "Shale Gas", "Fracking", "Native Forest Logging" ...  and on and on ... fractious issues indeed. 

It is very easy to lose sight of those most natural of instincts - observation, truth, honesty.

And so, this website explores the condition of Australia's environment, the opportunities and the threats, and the real condition today of water and land-based systems. 

Are they sustainable? What are the risks? What are the prospects for the future? Is enough being done to rectify situations at risk? Is enough being done to restore the damage from past practices?

When I began preparing for this website in 2009, the current crop of policy directions, frameworks for adaptation, natural resources planning, and environmental management, stood accused of not being on the best path to support sustainable systems. The evidence lies plainly for all to see, not only in documents in the public domain, but out there in the wider environment. Not enough is being done.

The economic agenda has overtaken the environmental agenda ... and for what? All governments around Australia have fallen into the trap of "economy-first”, the rest can wait.

We will see what happens as the years roll by.

This site is also about education, investigation, and understanding, and bringing together the substance of very significant reports that come before us from time-to-time, but to which few in the community have the time or inclination to examine. It is also about having an effect on the way people think and act towards sustainable living and sustainable landscapes.

I'm going to dig into sustainability ... and attempt the task of exploring history, land use, rural development, environmental impacts, human impacts, natural resources use, urban development impacts. I suspect it will be a big project ... and an on-going one. 

My focus is on my state of South Australia, but ever-mindful that we can't live in a cocoon, this focus will be shifted from time-to-time to areas and events outside the state.

Integrated in this site is a local perspective ... "The Local Eye" ... which contains a critical view of sustainability matters and other matters of importance in my region of the "Mid North" (odd name that!) and Clare Valley.

Welcome ... and have your say at the Blog.


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